Afagh Zadeh

Senior Agile Coach / Facilitator / Trainer​

Professional Business Agility Coach

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About Afagh

Afagh Zadeh is a sociologist and experienced HR Manager with a passion for coaching and consulting. She has been working at SE-Consulting since 2010, where she has gained extensive expertise in personnel development and change management. Since 2015, she has been working as an independent consultant and coach, helping companies to initiate and implement change processes and agile transformations.

As a Scrum Trainer and Scrum Master based in Cologne, Germany, Afagh is a passionate agilist who is committed to continuous learning and improvement. She has a unique background, having been born in Tehran, Iran and moved to Germany at the age of 7. As a mother of two children, Afagh has learned the value of adaptability and continuous learning from her kids.

Afagh sees herself as a motivator and driving force for permanent learning and improvement within teams and organizations. She firmly believes that continuous learning is the key to continuous improvement and applies this principle in all the teams and companies she works with. As a coach, she actively observes and listens to help teams develop their own solutions and improve sustainably.

Through her work, Afagh has become a committed advocate for the agile mindset. She is passionate about promoting agility in all aspects of business and is dedicated to helping teams and organizations adopt agile practices to achieve long-term success. Overall, Afagh Zadeh is a highly skilled and passionate coach, trainer, and consultant who is dedicated to helping organizations succeed through continuous learning and improvement.