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Ahmad Fahmy is a product development and organizational change consultant with over 20 years of experience in the banking technology sector. He helps organizations transform their culture and processes by applying lean and agile principles and practices. He is also a thought leader and innovator in the field of organizational design, having created several scaling patterns such as team self-design, Gemba sprint, and Behavior stories. He shares his insights and ideas through publications, videos, and talks on various platforms. He is based in Istanbul, Turkey and works with clients all over the world. He is fluent in Arabic and English. He has a degree in computer science from New Jersey Institute of Technology. He is passionate about creating value, solving problems, and making a positive impact.

Published Articles & Case Studies

Go, See & Do. A Guide to Running a Gemba Sprint

A Gemba sprint is one where teams, leadership, and management work together for a sprint with the ultimate goal of coming together as an organization


Unfreezing an Organization

This is a story of a department that attempted to redesign their organization by returning to principles that work, and attempting to replicate it at scale. This story takes place in an unlikely place, the back-office of a large bank.