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Associate Business Agility Coach

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Alona Maier is an Agile project management expert with 5+ years of experience. She guides cross-functional teams through iterative development cycles, emphasizing effective communication and collaboration for success. By establishing trust among team members, she ensures open and honest communication, allowing everyone to freely share their ideas, concerns, and feedback. She fosters a culture of continuous improvement and innovation, optimizing processes, eliminating waste, and delivering value to customers faster.

Furthermore, Alona’s expertise as an Electrical Engineer adds a unique technical perspective to her agile leadership, allowing her to better understand and address the challenges faced by her teams and enables her to bridge the gap between technical teams and business stakeholders. As a Certified Agile Leader, Certified Scrum Product Owner and Agile Coach, she demonstrates a deep understanding of agile methodologies and frameworks.

Apart from her agile expertise, Alona is a polyglot with fluency in Ukrainian, German, English, and Russian, which enables her to connect with diverse teams and clients seamlessly. She thrives in dynamic, fast-paced environments and is an inspiring advocate for Agile principles, self-organization, and adaptive planning. Whether you’re just beginning your Agile journey or aiming to take it to the next level, Alona can help you succeed.


  • English
  • German
  • Russian


  • Automotive & Mobility
  • Infrastructure & Construction
  • Technology


  • Europe