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Ben Maynard is a passionate advocate for organizational culture and design that maximizes value creation for customers and employees alike. He is particularly interested in ensuring that the right products are developed in the right way, and has spent recent years experimenting with methods to balance an organization’s desire for control, collaboration, and innovation.

As a coach and mentor, Ben specializes in leading organizational transformations that leverage the Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) framework, and has successfully helped numerous companies achieve their goals in this way. He is committed to fostering the growth and development of individuals at all levels of an organization, and is known for his ability to educate, train, and mentor in a way that inspires and empowers.

With a background in both IT and management, Ben brings a wealth of experience to his work as a consultant and trainer. He is deeply committed to helping organizations unlock their full potential, and is a trusted advisor to companies of all sizes and industries.

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Being a Product Owner should be a rewarding and challenging experience when you are able to execute the role in such a way that allows your organization to grow, the teams to be truly self-managing (in the way agile intended) and to develop a product that customers and users alike love.