Christina Pielmeyer

Professional Business Agility Coach

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About Christina

Christina Pielmeyer is a driven Agile Practitioner and Marketing Manager in the FMCG industry. She is passionate about change management and has started early in her career to incorporate Agile Mindset into her work – currently she is transforming a large enterprise by supercharging their agile capabilities.

With almost four years of experience at her current employer, Christina also has prior to this an impressive track record of leading teams and implementing successful innovation models, where Customer Centricity and Design Thinking mattered early on. She has consistently demonstrated her ability to build relationships and drive growth, leveraging her deep knowledge of both various agile frameworks&practices and FMCG marketing to create positive outcomes.

As an Agile Mentor, Christina has mentored numerous professionals and teams, empowering them to achieve their full potential by instilling agile principles and mindset over sticking to one single framework. She is experienced in helping teams and leaders to self-organize in identifying areas for improvement, planning and executing strategic initiatives, thereby driving significant value to the business.

Christina believes in the power of change to make a genuine difference in the world. She dedicates her approach to transformation and future readiness by innovation, one step at a time – embodying her mantra of ‘Agile mind in an agile body’

Her blend of Agile expertise and marketing acumen makes Christina a unique force. As a visionary and a part of the supercharger academy of her employer, she is not about change just for l’art pour l’art; she is about accelerating it, aiming that business models stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing landscape.