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Christoph Lukas is an independent agile and systemic coach and process consultant, specializing in guiding companies through the transition process and coaching agile teams and leaders. With over ten years of experience in the field, Christoph brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his work.

In recent years, Christoph has focused on working with executives, recognizing the importance of their role in driving organizational agility. Alongside Alexander Birk and Ute Nunnenmacher, he offers advanced training, mentoring, and coaching programs aimed at supporting managers in acquiring and applying the principles of agile leadership.

Throughout his career, Christoph has held various roles including coach, Scrum Master, and developer, providing him with a comprehensive understanding of agile methodologies and team dynamics. Drawing on this experience, he leverages his expertise to empower individuals and teams to embrace agile principles and practices effectively.

Christoph is not only dedicated to his coaching and consulting work but also actively contributes to the agile community. He is the founder of pingworks and a founding member of flowdays, organizations that promote agile practices and provide a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

With his extensive background and commitment to agile coaching and leadership development, Christoph Lukas is a trusted advisor for organizations seeking to navigate the complexities of agile transformation and achieve sustainable success.


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