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Georg Fasching is a seasoned product management and Agile/Lean coach with over 20 years of experience in bringing products from an idea to being used by millions around the globe. He has worked in various roles, including Business Analyst, Product Manager, Chief Product Officer, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Enterprise Coach, and Executive Coach.

Georg has learned the ins and outs of traditional product management and IT project management while working at MasterCard Worldwide and T-Mobile International in the 2000s. Later, he worked independently in management consulting with brands such as Sky, ustwo, novoda, potato, razorfish, SIEMENS IT Service, UK’s Ministry of Justice, Automation Logic, Eyeo, and IDEO.

Georg’s focus is on cross-functional team leadership, where software development and engineering resonate closely with user experience practice, user research, and QA. He guides teams to practice user-centric high product-flow delivery of value and leads enterprise change in collaboration with executive leadership.

Georg has been successful in leading change to help digital agencies become product studios, and enterprises to improve value flow. He champions 1:1 for product leaders to excel in their work and has received high praise from his clients, including Ayesha Moarif, Head of Product, who called working with Georg a game-changer.

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