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Expert Business Agility Coach

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About Imran

Imran Zaffar is a highly knowledgeable professional with expertise in both the banking and technology domains. He has played a key role in initiating and leading transformations in large organizations, with a particular focus on digital mediums. His understanding of the banking industry, combined with his technical acumen, has proven to be impressive and valuable in driving successful change.

In addition to his expertise, Imran is known for his personable and warm demeanor. This quality has been particularly valuable in leading workshops with senior stakeholders, where competing agendas are common. Imran has effectively managed expectations and facilitated collaboration among stakeholders throughout the transformation process.

Imran’s exceptional project management skills were demonstrated during his role as the lead project manager at British Gas. His openness to suggestions, improvements, and feedback fostered a collaborative environment and ensured the production of high-quality deliverables. By implementing effective work practices, Imran has enabled the team to deliver more business value at lower costs, ultimately enhancing the overall project output.

Imran Zaffar’s combination of industry knowledge, technical expertise, and strong leadership skills make him a valuable asset in driving successful transformations and delivering high-quality results.