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Jem D’jelal is an experienced Agile Coach and Transformation Coach who has worked with several organizations to drive their agile transformations. In his first experience at Essence, he helped redesign the organization across technology’s 10 teams, creating feature teams where possible and helping existing component teams implement the Kanban method. He also introduced ideas and practices to create collaboration and transparency between multiple agile teams.

At Aimia Inc, Jem worked alongside the CPO and CTO to experiment with the concept of feature teams for a high-profile delivery. He coached several ScrumMasters and Product Owners on refining their application of Scrum practices and using Kanban techniques to optimize the flow of work. He also introduced the ScrumMaster communities of practice, generated and drove Kaizens for any issues and introduced the Agile book club.

In his last experience at Thomson Reuters, Jem served as a Delivery Lead/Scrum Master, leading more than five Scrum teams. He championed autonomy for teams and continually challenged the hierarchical and siloed approach to ‘requirement’ gathering to ensure the people doing the work provided the solutions. Jem broke paradigms of ‘leads’ to reduce the worshipping of tools and come back to Agile basics through communicating interactively.

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