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John Barratt is an experienced coach who loves Agile and ORSC. He enjoys nothing more than seeing individuals, teams, and organizations grow through a process of coaching and mentoring. With a wide range of experience, including positions as an Agile Coach and Trainer at Agile Affinity and RippleRock, and as an Agile Coach at IAG Loyalty, Vodafone, and Nationwide Building Society, John’s philosophy of continuous improvement helps him provide the best possible service for his clients.

Published Articles & Case Studies

The Army is agile that is correct, you didn’t misread! Like any large Organisation it isn’t all agile and maybe it shouldn’t be? But if we look at the essence of agile being self-managing teams with autonomy to make decisions in my experience it is

During this session, I will explain how I helped IAG Loyalty explore what agile meant for them, leading to experiments such as Agile Coaches or Scrum Masters, Flight Levels, and a unique flavor of Agile that took over a year to define. – John Barratt