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Jon Spruce is an experienced Agile Coach with a passion for supporting teams and organizations to adopt and implement agile methodologies. With a background in fast-paced media companies and regulated defense institutions, Jon has developed a deep understanding of what it takes to create high-performing teams in complex environments.

Jon provides common agile language and coaches teams to become cross-functional, innovative, and value-driven, helping them to generate predictable results. He is not afraid of having difficult conversations and brings empathy and understanding to his coaching, regardless of the seniority of the individual he is working with.

Having worked in organizations with substantial regulation and legacy technology, Jon’s journey is full of practical, real-world experience that underlines the power of team and business agility. Whether you are part of a risk-averse FTSE 100 or a fast-paced remote startup, Jon can help you increase your agility and further your leadership journey. Get in touch to explore your options.