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About Karen

Karen Kemerling is an executive with over 30 years of experience in IT and operations in both large and small public companies. She is a certified enterprise coach with a doctorate in management and organizational development, as well as degrees in management information systems and computer science/electrical engineering. Karen is passionate about developing organizations, improving processes, and achieving revenue goals.

Throughout her career, Karen has successfully managed all the core operational components of a company, including HR, IT, customer service, inside sales, and order fulfillment. Her specialties include organizational leadership and development (OD), strategic planning and execution excellence, vendor outsourcing and insourcing, governance and decision making, FDA/ISO13485/quality management, project management and PMO, disaster recovery planning, and internet B2C infrastructure and customer service.

Karen is committed to helping companies achieve their goals and improve their bottom line through effective leadership, efficient processes, and a focus on quality and customer service.