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Manoj Vadakkan, also known as Man-OJ, is an expert in Scrum with over 15 years of experience practicing and teaching Scrum. He is a Certified Scrum Trainer with Scrum Alliance and has been sharing his knowledge and expertise for the past 8 years. In addition to being a Certified Scrum Trainer, Manoj is also a Certified LeSS Practitioner.

With nearly 25 years of experience working with clients in various industries such as Telecommunications, Insurance, Banking, and Media, Manoj has gained a deep understanding of agile methodologies and their application in different contexts. He has worked with both large and small organizations and has collaborated with government agencies like The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, The Census Bureau, The US Navy, The Veterans Affairs, and The US Postal Services.

Before transitioning to Scrum, Manoj worked as a Project Manager for more than a decade. This experience provided him with valuable insights into traditional project management approaches, which he now combines with Scrum to help project managers embrace the Scrum way of working. Through his Certified Scrum Master (CSM) workshop/training program, Manoj equips project managers with practical tips and guidance to transform their organizations and adopt agile practices.

As the founder of Northern Star Consulting, also known as Do You Scrum?, Manoj offers training, coaching, and consulting services worldwide. His training sessions are designed to be experiential workshops where learners engage in meaningful activities and discussions rather than passive lectures and slide presentations.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Manoj actively participates in the Colorado Agile community and is frequently seen at various Agile events. Previously, he lived in the Washington DC Metro area, where he co-founded Agile DC, a prominent Agile conference that attracts over 500 attendees annually.

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Scrum attracts many organizations because of its apparent simplicity and its potential to deliver results faster. Many do not realize the cultural changes that they need to make to become a hyper-productive team