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Marcelo López is a leader who embodies the principles of service and mentorship. Throughout his career, Marcelo has been dedicated to guiding and encouraging new engineers, recognizing the importance of developing future leaders.

Marcelo firmly believes in the power of taking risks to achieve success. He often quotes the insightful words of John Paul Jones, “Those who will not risk, cannot win,” which resonates with his own approach to leadership.

One of Marcelo’s key strengths lies in his ability to think outside the box and find unconventional solutions. Having gained exposure to various industries and organizations both as an internal employee and as a contractor, Marcelo has amassed a diverse set of tools to tackle problems from different perspectives. He excels in applying these tools creatively, honing his skill in solving challenges in unique and effective ways.

Marcelo embraces a continuous learning mindset, following the mantra of “Try. Assess. Learn. Adapt.” He understands the value of experimentation, evaluation, and adaptability in driving growth and improvement.

With his exceptional problem-solving abilities and his commitment to developing future leaders, Marcelo López is an inspiring and impactful presence in any organization. His breadth of experience and willingness to explore innovative approaches make him a valuable asset in tackling complex challenges and driving positive change.


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