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Mat Hayes, is an experienced technology leader and agile enthusiast. With a proven track record of working alongside founders to successfully launch products, Mat is well-versed in driving transformative change at all levels of organizations. From the public to the private sector, both nationally and internationally, he has lent his expertise to support leadership in various sectors.

Mat stands out as one of the selected few worldwide certified Enterprise (CEC) and Team (CTC) coaches by the esteemed Scrum Alliance. This unique qualification empowers him to certify Scrum Masters and Product Owners while serving as a dedicated coach. He is highly regarded within the Agile community as a renowned speaker, mentor, and coach.

As a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) registered with the International Coaching Federation, Mat brings a wealth of knowledge to his coaching practice. He is also a trained Organizational Systemic Relationship Coach (ORSC), equipping him with a diverse range of tools and strategies to effectively work with teams and individuals. Moreover, Mat has received specialized training as a Time To Think coach under Nancy Kline, adding a distinctive dimension to his coaching style.

Passionate about infusing workplaces with humility, creativity, and playfulness, Mat enjoys collaborating with other agile coaches. He has immersed himself in the world of creative facilitation, participating in improvisation groups and becoming a certified ‘Training from the BACK of the room’ trainer. Armed with an array of tips and tricks, Mat ensures that workshops and sessions are not only productive but also fun-filled experiences.

Mat’s areas of expertise encompass a wide range of topics. Whether it’s agile coaching and mentoring, leadership coaching, startup/scale-up strategies, facilitation, or training, he is well-equipped to deliver tangible value. From comprehensive training on agile methodologies, Scrum, and product ownership to working with challenging relationships, Mat’s extensive repertoire caters to diverse needs.

His commitment to bringing out the best in individuals and teams shines through in every interaction. So, whether you’re seeking guidance on agile practices, coaching for leadership development, assistance with startup ventures, creative facilitation, or specialized training, Mat is here to provide valuable insights and help you achieve your goals.


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Published Articles & Case Studies

 In this article, I propose a way of testing a strategy. In a way, that means there is no pressure to have all the answers… A way that thoughts and ideas can be iterated on… Gently allowing perspectives that may not have been heard before. But best of all… allow those involved in the delivery of the strategy to coach the creators to have much deeper thinking.

TBR – Connecting your learners

 This is the first of 5 short articles on some of my favorite things to do using ‘Training from the BACK of the room’ techniques.

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In times of unprecedented uncertainty and disruption, leading with humility and authenticity is needed more than ever. But how can we do this when we may not have the right support for ourselves?

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If it wasn’t obvious before the pandemic, you may have noticed that spending lots of time sitting down and not moving isn’t the best.