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Melissa Boggs is an accomplished keynote speaker, employee engagement coach, and host of the “Wild Hearts at Work” Podcast. With a background in leadership, business, and product development, Melissa is a Certified Enterprise Coach with an MBA, who helps leaders and employees bridge the generational, cultural, and societal gaps that exist between them, increase their engagement, and introduce joy into the workplace.

Melissa is highly regarded as an ardent defender of the Oxford comma and has served on the Board of Directors for both Scrum Alliance and Agile Denver, as well as a former nonprofit executive and board member. She has been featured in numerous publications, including Business Coaching, BAI Emergence, and Authority magazines, and has spoken at countless agile and HR conferences worldwide, including the 2020 World Business and Executive Coach Summit and the 2021 WomenTech Conference.

Known as a “spitfire”, “calming force” and “an unapologetic rebel,” Melissa is dedicated to challenging societal work expectations and helping individuals and organizations reach their full potential.

Published Articles & Case Studies

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In this episode, Richard and Peter talk with leadership coach and speaker Melissa Boggs. We dig into a range of topics, including her former role as Chief ScrumMaster at Scrum Alliance, the lesser-known challenges of leadership, coaching and being coached, and the ways the rules of work need to change to create more human-centric organizations.

Melissa Boggs, Leadership Coach and former Co-CEO and Chief ScrumMaster at Scrum Alliance talked with Sohrab Salimi about “Leading Transformation

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The agile movement started spontaneously at exactly the right moment, as the pace of change in the world was accelerating exponentially. But how did it go from software development to public high school?