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Nichervan Fazel is a highly skilled Technical Delivery Lead and Enterprise Agile Coach with a strong background in Agile Transformation and software delivery. With over 20 years of experience in the Finance, Media, and Energy sectors, Nichervan brings a wealth of industry knowledge to their work.

As a Professional Scrum Trainer with, Nichervan is equipped to deliver comprehensive training and guidance on Agile methodologies. They hold certifications as a certified Enterprise Coach (CEC and CTC) and a LeSS Practitioner with SAFe SPC5 certification, demonstrating their expertise in guiding organizations through Agile transformations.

Nichervan’s expertise extends beyond technical delivery and Agile coaching. They possess a deep understanding of developing an organization’s capacity to leverage Agile as a strategic business asset. This includes facilitating cultural changes and fostering leadership development to support Agile adoption and success.

Throughout their career, Nichervan has excelled in delivering regulatory and business program changes. They have played a vital role as an agent of change and a thought leader within various organizations, championing Agile values and driving positive transformations.

With a proven track record in Agile leadership and change management, Nichervan Fazel is a trusted expert who empowers organizations to embrace Agile practices, foster cultural shifts, and achieve sustainable business outcomes.


Published Articles & Case Studies

Nichervan Fazel is sharing his story of building a multimillion £ banking product using Scrum .