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Peter Stevens is a highly sought-after executive coach, keynote speaker, agility officer, Scrum trainer, and change leader. Leaders and executives turn to Peter when they need assistance in moving their corporate initiatives forward and getting things unstuck. With his expertise and guidance, he helps organizations achieve their goals faster than they ever thought possible.

Peter is a dynamic speaker who delivers talks on a range of topics including agility, leadership skills for everyone, Scrum, and applying Scrum principles to hardware development. His presentations inspire and empower individuals and teams to embrace agility and drive meaningful change within their organizations.

One of Peter’s notable contributions to the field is the creation of The Personal Agility System ™. This innovative and scalable leadership framework enables individuals to align their actions with priorities, ensuring greater focus and effectiveness. Additionally, Peter is the author of “Ten Agile Contracts,” a groundbreaking book that bridges the gap between procurement and product delivery. He is also a co-creator of the Agile Contract Manifesto, which provides principles and guidelines for agile contracting practices.

With his deep understanding of agility, leadership, and procurement, Peter Stevens brings a unique perspective to his coaching and training engagements. His practical insights and frameworks empower individuals and organizations to navigate complex challenges, drive change, and deliver exceptional results.


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