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Richard Dolman is a seasoned Business and IT management professional with a passion for solving critical business and technology challenges. With over 20 years of experience in Agile and Lean practices, I empower organizations to unlock their hidden potential and drive innovation. As a certified Enterprise Agility Coach and Trainer, I bring depth and balance to executive leadership and help achieve rapid gains in efficiency, productivity, and quality through the adoption of Agile and Lean techniques. I have successfully built consulting practices and delivered multimillion dollar projects, focusing on strategic, transformative initiatives. As a Servant Leader, Trusted Advisor, and Change Guide, I provide clarity, mentorship, and visionary leadership to enable high-performing teams. Contact me to collaborate on creating success and advancing your company.

Published Articles & Case Studies

Autonomy with Alignment: Effective Approaches for Transformations

If your organization is planning an Agile transformation, you may be asking, or be expected to answer, the question of whether to take a centralized or decentralized approach.  Centralizing suggests assigning ownership and control to one or a few, while decentralizing means distributing responsibility and ownership to a broad group of people.