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Rohit is an Agile Coach, Scrum Master, and Life Coach who is passionate about empowering individuals and teams to reach their full potential. With a strong background in Agile methodologies and coaching, Rohit brings a unique blend of technical expertise and personal development skills to his work.

As an Agile Coach, Rohit guides teams in adopting and implementing Agile principles and practices. He helps them embrace an iterative and collaborative approach to project management, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and adaptability. By facilitating effective communication, collaboration, and self-organization, Rohit enables teams to deliver high-quality results and achieve their goals.

As a Scrum Master, Rohit plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of Agile teams. He facilitates Scrum ceremonies, removes impediments, and encourages self-organization and accountability within the team. With a deep understanding of Agile frameworks, such as Scrum, Kanban, and Lean, Rohit helps teams optimize their processes and achieve greater efficiency and productivity.

In addition to his Agile coaching and Scrum Master expertise, Rohit is also a Life Coach. He believes in the holistic development of individuals, both personally and professionally. By providing guidance, support, and mentorship, Rohit helps individuals overcome challenges, set meaningful goals, and develop strategies for personal growth and fulfillment. He creates a safe and supportive environment for individuals to explore their strengths, values, and aspirations, enabling them to make positive changes in their lives.

Rohit’s specialties in Agile coaching, Scrum mastery, and life coaching allow him to bring a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to empowering individuals and teams. His ability to blend technical expertise with personal development skills makes him a valuable asset in driving personal and professional growth within organizations. With his guidance and support, individuals and teams can unleash their full potential, achieve their objectives, and create a fulfilling and successful work environment.


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Published Articles & Case Studies

My views on how a Project Manager experience can help Scrum Master.My views on how a Project Manager experience can help Scrum Master.

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This talk will focus on how to use Agile principles to build a more human-first culture and share some powerful strategies that leaders can utilize to understand how they can bring their whole selves into the workplace and create more exponential outcomes for one’s organization.

We Lost to Agile

Impact on various departments of an organization in implementing Agile.Impact on various departments of an organization in implementing Agile.




 In this episode, Rohit shares his journey from a project management mindset and a need for control to a Scrum Master mindset. As he learned more about being a Scrum Master, he realized he was a bottleneck for the team’s progress. Going on leave highlighted the team’s dependence on him, and he felt frustrated

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In this episode, Rohit shares his experience working with a highly enthusiastic Product Owner (PO) who joined from the business side



Rohit discusses his experience as a Scrum Master working with a back-end team suffering from high attrition rates. He realizes that the team members feel undervalued and that the monotonous work is affecting their motivation.