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Roland Flemm is an experienced Agile Coach and Scrum Trainer, specializing in helping organizations overcome various challenges related to software delivery, team motivation, and overall efficiency. His expertise lies in resolving common issues businesses face, and he has worked with prominent companies such as ING Bank, Rabobank, Raiffeisen Bank Moscow, Backbase, ABN-AMRO, Independer, DSG, Thales, and others.

Key Problem Areas Roland Addresses:

Software Delivery Bottlenecks: Helps organizations identify and resolve issues arising from the addition of Scrum teams, which may lead to slowed-down delivery processes.
Competition Challenges: Assists businesses in keeping up with competitors’ fast-paced feature releases.
Low ROI on IT Investments: Guides to improve return on investment for IT endeavors and mitigate mismanagement concerns.
Customer Adoption: Aids in enhancing customer acceptance of new product features to increase user satisfaction.
Product Release Forecasting: Assists Product Management teams in more accurate product release predictions every quarter.
Team Motivation and Responsibility: Works with teams to boost motivation levels and encourage a sense of responsibility for their work.
Talent Retention and Knowledge Management: Helps companies address employee attrition issues and preserve organizational knowledge.

Professional Background:

Roland began his IT career as a developer and support engineer before transitioning to the role of a Scrum Master in 2009.
He is a certified Professional Scrum Trainer for, delivering high-quality and interactive training sessions.
Roland advocates Scrum and LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) methodologies and has extensive experience in scaling and managing distributed teams.
Notably, he created Scrumcards, a valuable resource for Scrum practitioners, available at
Roland is also a published writer, sharing his insights and knowledge at
As a seasoned speaker, he regularly participates in international conferences, disseminating the lessons he has learned throughout his career.

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