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Organizational Performance Coach
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Simon Orrell is a highly skilled Agile coach specializing in guiding leaders and organizations in adopting Agile values, principles, and leadership practices. His primary focus is on delivering customer value and optimizing product and portfolio management techniques for both co-located and distributed teams.

As one of the first three Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coaches in Canada, Simon has extensive experience in facilitating Agile transformations across various industries including oil and gas, financial services, manufacturing, and construction. With a background that includes P.Eng. (Professional Engineer) and PMP (Project Management Professional) accreditation, Simon brings a pragmatic approach to product, team, and organizational development.

Simon firmly believes that work is about teams of people coming together to create value. His passion lies in collaborating with individuals, teams, and organizations that are committed to making positive changes in the world of work. He finds the process endlessly fascinating, challenging, and fulfilling, and is always eager to learn and adapt in each new opportunity.

With his expertise in Agile principles, a focus on customer value, and a pragmatic approach rooted in engineering and project management, Simon Orrell is well-equipped to guide organizations through their Agile journeys and foster meaningful transformations that drive value creation and ultimately success.