Teddy Carroll

ORSC Trained Certified Enterprise Coach
Scrum Alliance

Professional Business Agility Coach

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About Teddy

Teddy Carroll is a highly skilled facilitator and agile coach who specializes in guiding individuals, teams, and organizations on transformative journeys that generate business value across people, products, and Agile teams.

As an agile and relationship systems coach, Teddy has the privilege of partnering with clients to drive improvements, discover breakthroughs, envision the future, and refocus efforts on the present. With each unique client engagement, Teddy embraces the opportunity to encourage bold dreams and inspire fearless action—an essential approach in our rapidly changing world. Teddy recognizes that change does not wait for anyone, and together with clients, they prepare for and adapt to change.

With over 20 years of experience in Agile frameworks and practices, Teddy is an expert in agile coaching, digital product strategy, and cross-functional team leadership. They hold certifications as a Certified Enterprise and Team Coach, enabling them to bring a wealth of knowledge to engagements. Teddy’s diverse skill set spans facilitation, story mapping, estimation, product backlog refinement, sprint planning, continuous improvement, impediment removal, Lean thinking, Kanban, systems thinking, relationship systems intelligence, and group dynamics.

Teddy Carroll is a dynamic professional who leverages their expertise in agile and professional coaching practices to empower individuals, teams, and organizations. Through their guidance, clients navigate complex challenges, unlock their full potential, and embrace an agile mindset to achieve success in today’s dynamic business landscape.

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