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Tendayi Viki is an Associate Partner at Strategyzer, where he helps large companies innovate for the future while running their core business. He previously served as Director of Product Lifecycle at Pearson, a global education company, where he co-designed and helped implement Pearson’s Product Lifecycle, an innovation framework that won Best Innovation Program 2015 at the Corporate Entrepreneur Awards in New York.

Tendayi holds a PhD in Psychology and an MBA, and he has written three books: Pirates In The Navy, The Corporate Startup, and The Lean Product Lifecycle. He is also a regular contributor at Forbes Magazine.

In addition to his work as a consultant, trainer, and speaker for several companies, including Unilever, American Express, Airbus, Tetrapak, Copenhagen Fintech, Pearson Vue, Rabobank, Standard Bank, The British Museum, The World Bank, General Electric, and Whirlpool, Tendayi has spent 12 years as an academic at the University of Kent, where he is now Honorary Senior Lecturer. He has also been a Research Fellow at Stanford University and a Research Assistant at Harvard University.

Tendayi’s specialties include corporate innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, lean startup, customer development, business model design, organizational psychology, team building, research methods, and statistical analysis.


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Published Articles & Case Studies

In this keynote, Tendayi discusses how to educate young people to become more innovative. The essence of innovation is to accept failure. We need to teach young people to innovate by designing like they are right and testing like they are wrong.                                                  

In this keynote, Tendayi Viki addresses some of the obstacles that innovators face inside large companies; and also some of the key mistakes they make.