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Tobias Mayer is a multi-talented professional with a diverse range of skills and interests. He is an educator, facilitator, writer, and aspiring Human Givens therapist. Tobias is known for his notable works, including the book “The People’s Scrum” and the upcoming audiobook “Thoughtful Citizenship.”

As an educator, Tobias brings his expertise and passion to help individuals and teams learn and grow. He is skilled at facilitating meaningful conversations and creating spaces for collaborative learning and development.

Tobias is also an accomplished writer, sharing his insights and ideas through his publications. “The People’s Scrum” showcases his expertise in the field of Scrum and Agile methodologies, providing valuable insights for practitioners and enthusiasts. His upcoming audiobook, “Thoughtful Citizenship,” promises to offer thought-provoking perspectives on the subject.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Tobias has a keen interest in human well-being and is working towards becoming a Human Givens therapist. This demonstrates his dedication to understanding and promoting mental health and holistic approaches to healing.

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The People’s Scrum