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Wolfgang Richter is a highly experienced Agile Trainer and Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) with over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. He is a Registered Education Provider of Scrum Alliance and has been a Certified LeSS Trainer (CLT) since 2014, specializing in large-scale scrum.

Over the years, Wolfgang has participated and been responsible for over 100 projects, serving in various roles such as Support, DevOps, Developer, Database Designer, Project Manager, Program Manager, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Requirements Manager, and Change Agent.

He has extensive experience in accompanying both small and large-scale transformations of up to 7500 employees. As a Certified Coach and NLP Practitioner, Wolfgang is active as an Agile Coach, Scrum Coach, and LeSS Coach, serving a wide range of industries such as Banking-IT, Automotive Industry, Telecommunications, Health Care, Electronics, Transport, HR, Logistics, Insurance, and others.

Wolfgang is a sought-after speaker and coach and is frequently invited to speak at various conferences, including Manage Agile, Agile Contracts, Scrum Gatherings, ASQT, ICST, Agile Prague, Agile Austria Conference, and others. He is also actively involved in various communities such as the Scrum User Group Graz, LeSS Austria Meetups, IT Community Styria, and IT-delegate of the Experts Group of Cooperation and Networking (Chamber of Commerce Austria).

In addition to his training and coaching expertise, Wolfgang has in-depth knowledge of various topics such as Telecommunications, Project Management, Scrum, LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum), Scaling Scrum and Agile, Agile Methods, Agile Project Management, Advanced Agile Topics (Communications, Coaching, Product Ownership, Team Dynamics, …) and Certification courses (Certified ScrumMaster, Certified Scrum Product Owner, Certified LeSS Basics, Certified LeSS Practitioner, Certified LeSS Executive, …).


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Published Articles & Case Studies

Do you use the knowledge gained from many years of cooperation and networking? Do you apply tried and tested methods in your cooperation projects? Are you missing out on opportunities in the market because you are not sufficiently networked? Cooperations are essential elements for successful business management and successful growth, especially for SMEs.

When an organization hits Large-Scale Scrum, it is most likely to begin with a fake adoption. Scaling per sé is not easy. And it is not recommended. However, large enterprises rarely have a choice. So what can be done to handle the burden of scaling? Which pitfalls can be observed regularly? What is against all odds likely to succeed?